Now Conduct Paperless Digital Exams From Home With No Chances Of Cheating

Examli helps you conduct online assessments without the traditional paper-pen method and proctor or supervise on a digital platform using Artificial Intelligence, with no chances of cheating or malpractices.


What is Examli?

Examli is a web-based application which can help you conduct online examinations of any kind, and proctor the students. The most brilliant features of Examli are clubbed together to give you a convenient and efficient way to conduct assessments. Some of the features include alerting if there is no one in the screen, if more than one person is in the screen, mobile phone is detected, if not looking towards the screen and much more. Examli gives you a platform to not only conduct exams with MCQs but also write or draw using the mouse and record. Examli is the only way for conducting online assessments successfully with no chances of cheating.

Designed for educators

An easy to use application for schools, colleges and other institutions to online proctor and conduct examinations with the most beneficial features.


Conduct Paperless Exams

Forget the traditional paper pen examinations. Take a modernized approach towards conducting assessments during the global pandemic with no means of cheating.


Student's Webcam view is recorded for the entire duration of the exam

The video from the web camera of the students is recorded to ensure that they are not cheating.


Get Instant Alerts

Get alerts if any red flags or yellow flags are being detected.

Built for educational institutions

During these times of the global pandemic the educational, learning and studying factors of the students are at stake. Examli helps you conduct online assessments with no possibility of cheating, which can help students maintain their habit of studying and learning. Some of the major features include alerts on your screen if any attempts of cheating are detected. These alerts are displayed on your screen when:


More than one person is present

If someone is trying to help the student during exams and comes into view, an alert message will be sent on your and the student's screen.

no one present

No one is present

If someone leaves the place and is not present during examinations, an alert will be sent.

mobile phone detection

Mobile phone is detected

If any mobile phone is detected in the screen, an alert will be sent.

print disabled

Disable printing

Printing command or option is disabled to avoid the spread of the question paper.

ctrl+c ctrl_v disabled

Disable copy/paste

Copy and Paste options or commands are disabled to avoid copying of answers.

rightclick disabled

Disable right click

Right click is disabled to disable the options of cut, copy, paste etc.


Alt+Tab key is pressed

If the student presses Alt+Tab key to switch the application to cheat, then an alert will be sent.

screen minimize check

The user attempts to minimize the application

If the student presses windows+D combination to minimize the application, then an alert will be sent.

tab change detected

Tab is Switched

If the application tab is switched, then an alert message will be sent on your and the student's screen.

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